Turing Machine Simulator

Select the machine program from the dropdown box above. Use the controls on its right to run it. The selected machines program appears in the box on the right.

You can edit the data in the box on the right, then load the edited version by selecting "Load from Box" as the machine. In the box on the right the lines are: the machine name, the blank tape symbol, the initial state, the position of the first tape symbol relative to the read/write head then the initial tape symbols followed by "TTTTT". This is followed by the list of transitions. Each is: state, symbol read, next state, symbol to write, move direction: "<", ">" or "-".

Below is a log of events with a drop down box above with additional commands.
"Show Tape" lists the non blank central section of the tape to the log.
"Clear Log" does just that.
"Reset State" resets the state to the initial state. This works well with the string doubler machines as the read/write head ends on the same part of the pattern as it starts.
"Show Notes" repeats the machine notes listed when it was loaded.
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Derived from the Alan Turing Internet Scrapbook simulator

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