A Generator of a Paul Chapman Counter Machine for Conway's Game of Life

This applet simulates a Counter Machine. A theoretical computer like machine used as a mathematical tool to probe the limits of computability. It is equivalent to a Turing Machine in its ability. The notes contain a description of the machine and the applet. The code can be pasted into the 'code' tab of the applet.

Counter Machine Simulator requires Java 1.6 or higher, which your browser does not appear to have.

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This applet also generates patterns for Conway's Game of Life (GoL) based on Paul Chapman's design for a P30 machine or a P1 machine. The patterns are in RLE format can be copied from the 'CCM RLE' tab and pasted into a suitable Gol application such as Golly. When run these patterns will perform the equivalent operations on the GoL counters as simulator does on its counters.

There are a number of counter machines preprogrammed into the 'code' tab of the applet, including the 'Life Universal Computer' from Paul Chapman's web page. The 'Life Universal Computer' is a universal counter machine. It has a description of a counter machine held as data in five of its twelve counters.

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